ManekiNeko--New Year Performance Updates (Jan. 2008)

Live Performance at Nifty
Date/time: Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 8 pm
Place: Nifty (Takaragaike)
*There is no charge for this event.

Hi everyone from ManekiNeko!

Over the last year, our fun monthly free concerts at our homeground, Nifty, led to many more opportunities for performing.

We played at a tea ceremony under the cherry blossoms, at a lovely reception party for a wedding, at the Kyoto Greco-Roman Museum, at a machiya for our wine and cheese (read: drunken!) concert, and at a dinner party for an interesting company gathering.

Thanks to everyone, we were blessed with the opportunity to have many great performances.

Our sincerest thanks go out to all of you!

*   *   *

It was during the fall three years ago when we started our duo with the philosophy of giving enjoyable concerts, even if that meant playing for free or paying money to perform. Not striving for some ideal, we decided to start from the level we were at, acting on the basis that the actions we put out into the world would define who we would be in the future.

And now we are so excited every time we get the chance to play and see everyone again. Thanks for the soul food, the actual food (!), and also the funds to help us buy food (Actually, we've been putting those funds back to buy a new instrument!).

We are grateful for what we have received from you all.

*   *   *

When we change the channel on our TV, we are immediately able to pick up the signal that comes in. In the same way, by continuing to give enjoyable concerts, we have been able to see many more smiling faces than we ever have before. This year we hope to share our joy with many more. Let's enjoy this year of the rat together--it is, after all, the reset of the twelve-year cycle!

Thanks for reading!

January 16, 2008

ManekiNeko Classical Guitar Duo
Adam Catt
Komatsu Yujiro


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