ManekiNeko--Late Fall Performance Updates (Nov. 2007)

Live Performance at Nifty
Date/time: Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 8 pm
Place: Nifty (Takaragaike)
*There is no charge for this event.

Hi everyone from ManekiNeko. Hope this finds you well.

Our last performance, "Autumnal Fermata," was a great
success! The machiya was filled with lovers of live music
and wine. A big thanks to all of you who came and to
everyone who helped make it possible.

The old kitchen space in the machiya has a lofty ceiling
that made for a full sound from the guitars.

Our performance this time was held in conjunction with a
photo exhibition by Kato Wako-san, who photographs and
writes about Kyoto in her blog "Sando-gasa Shokan." She
gave an interesting talk about some of the intriguing
stories behind her pictures.

Wako-san, thanks for your inspiring work!

The machiya had some other manekinekos present this
time--a couple of stray cats that the owners are taking
care of. They were constantly peeking out through the
crack in the door, keeping the kids entertained.

On the day of the concert, while moving furniture to set
up for the performance, Yujiro managed to smash his big
toe. It looks like it will take another month to heal!

Wako-san acted quickly and applied a peculiar cream
concocted from leaves of the biwa (loquat) tree, and that
seemed to help stave off infection.

In spite of the injury, we were able to carry on thanks to
our loyal crew. Kaori:

Here she is struggling to slash through the enormous
blocks of cheese we bought.

Also, thanks to the steadfast support of Shukichi and
Sasaki, the concert was successful and turned out to be a
lot of fun, despite Yujiro's fat toe. Thanks to our crew
for their help!

Since our concerts last year and this year have been a
success, we are planning on doing something even better
next year. Stay tuned!

This month we will have our usual "stealthy" performance
at Nifty, so please do stop by if you have a chance.

ManekiNeko--Classical Guitar Duo
Adam Catt
Komatsu Yujiro(2008/01/16)

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