The ManekiNeko Guitar Duo --- Fall Performance Schedule (Oct. 2007)


[Kyoto, Both Sides Now Project 2007]
ManekiNeko --- Autumnal Fermata
Enjoy a fall evening of music, wine,
and cheese in a Kyoto machiya

--- Date/time: Saturday, November 3, 2007
doors open at 6 pm, performance starts at 6:30
--- Place: Kyoto Nishijin Machiya Studio
Horikawa-Nakadachiuri (the Studio is located one street
west of Horikawa, north of Nakadachiuri, on the west
side of the street)
--- Price: 1,000 yen
(includes a glass of Bordeaux wine and cheese)
--- Reservations: limit of 30 people;
reservations are not necessary, but the first 30 will receive two extra wine and cheese tickets --- that means up to three glasses! (feel free to give away or resell tickets!)
This event will be held in conjunction with "Tidepool"--- anhibition by the photographer Kato Wako. On the evening
of the concert, the photographer will give commentary on
her works.
ManekiNeko―Performance at Nifty
--- Date/time: Friday, October 26, 2007, 8 pm
--- Place: Nifty (a cafe near Takaragaike)
--- Price: free!

Hi everyone from ManekiNeko!

It's fall now, and you can feel the weather slowly turning cooler.

Fall is a great time for enjoying the leaves, reading, playing sports, enjoying the arts, and --- more than anything else --- enjoying food more than one can in the hot months.

We have been enjoying the arts and the other beautiful things that we encounter in our everyday lives.

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding aert at the same machiya we did last year, thanks to
the help of the folks at the Nisijin Machiya Studio!

We'd love for you all to come out and enjoy the sound of the classical guitar in the relaxed atmosphere of the machiya.

Our concert this time will be held in conjunction with an exhibition by our friend and photographer, Kato Wako. She will be exhibiting photos of Kyoto and its environs, mostly taken from her blog. Look forward to her commentary
on her photos, which she will give on the evening of our concert.

Here's the link for her exhibition, which is entitled

Like a tidepool, Kyoto is a collection of whirling sounds, scenes, and words.

Since so many asked as for wine last year, we have decided to serve some this year!

Enjoy some music while having a glass of Bordeaux wine and some cheese (leave some for us too!)

The first 30 people to reserve a seat will be given two extra wine and cheese tickets! That's a total of three cups, so it's a pretty good deal.

If you can't hold all that alcohol, feel free to give away or resell your tickets!

We'll try to have enough for anyone who wants second helpings, even if you don't have a reservation. We'll have soft drinks too.

For reservations, contact us at the following link:
fax: 075-702-1952

We're looking forward to spending a relaxing evening with you all.

If you can't make the machiya event, do come see us at Nifty.

Thanks for reading!

ManekiNeko Classical Guitar Duo
Adam Catt
Komatsu Yujiro(2007/11/20)

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