ManekiNeko--Christmas Performance
Date/time: Friday, December 19, 8 pm
Place: Nifty
(there is no charge for this event)

Hi everyone from ManekiNeko!

Christmas is just around the corner now.

Maybe it's because I'm an American, but this season
always brings back fond memories. As a child I remember
the excitement starting to build around the second week of December.
The excitement would peak to an almost unbearable level on Christmas Eve!

At my house, Christmas Eve invariably was accompanied by a sacred ritual:
Gathering with the family to watch the movie "A Christmas Story."

I don't think the film is well known in Japan, but I highly recommend
seeing it if you have a chance. The plot is quite simple, but the overall
feel of the flick is heartwarming.

The movie's most famous scene takes place on a wintery day when the temperature is below zero. A bullyish kid dares another kid to stick his tongue to the flagpole. The moment his
tongue touches the metal it freezes solidly and he's stuck. Oh no! You'll have to watch
the movie to see how he gets out of this embarrassing conundrum.

Tongues really can freeze to metal like this on a cold day--something to keep in mind
in case you find yourself in such a situation.

This will be our last performance this year, so why don't you come out and enjoy
some Christmas music around the fireplace at Nifty?

We look forward to seeing you all.

Thanks for reading,

Dec. 14, 2008
ManekiNeko Guitar Duo
Adam Catt
Yujiro Komatsu


tel. 075-722-2370
Kyoto, Sakyo-ku, Takaragaike-Odori (south side of DORF)
Access map
Parking facilities for up to 60 cars

Directions to Nifty
Take the Karasuma subway line to the last stop, Kokusaikaikan station. The four-lane street in front of the station is Takaragaike-dori. Walk about 870 feet to the west. At the second traffic light, you will see the cafe "DORF" on your left(the south side of Takaragaike-dori). Behind DORF, you will see a large New England-style house--this is Nifty. As Nifty is a cafe (with excellent food!), and as they have been so supportive, we ask that people who come to see us order a drink or so.