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Maneki Neko - the "pretty good" guitar duo

Maneki Neko (Adam Catt and Yujiro Komatsu) first met in 1997 when they were roommates for a semester at Antioch College in Ohio, USA. At that time, they put off seriously pursuing music and set out on their own paths of self-discovery. For Adam, this was training in a Zen monastery, and for Yujiro, this was being involved in NPO/NGOs and teaching activities. By exploring the self and its place in society, both came to realize the importance of the heart in their lives and activities.

A few years ago, Yujiro and Adam were graced with the encounter with their present guitar teacher, Fujii Keigo, a musician who tirelessly strives to pass on the essence of music to his students. In their rigorous lessons with Keigo, both were taught the value of communicating the heart to others through music. This realization of the purity and power of music is the driving force behind the Maneki Neko project.

Adam Catt
Adam was born in Texas and began the guitar at age fifteen. He majored in music at Antioch College, studying under the gifted musicologist John Rinehart and the guitarist Kevin Mulhall. In his third year of college, Adam came to Japan to study Zen. He continued his training at Zen monasteries in Japan and the US and began to envision combining his pursuit of music and Zen. When he returned to Japan in 2000, he was graced with the encounter with the guitarist/composer Keigo Fujii. At present, he is working on his master's degree in Buddhist Studies at Otani University, conducting research on meditation. Other interests: Footbag, juggling, languages

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Yujiro Komatsu
Yujiro Komatsu graduated from the Humanities Department of Kyoto Seika University in 1999. His graduate thesis was entitled "New Media Weaving a New Paradigm: Joy in Labor at NPO-based Alternative Presses." Yujiro has worked as a designer/editor for NPOs such as Kyoto Mitate International and other grassroots projects. He taught media literacy at Kyoto Zokei University and later worked as an editorial designer. He presently resides in Kyoto, where he works at Green Action, an environmental NGO. In 2003, he began classical guitar lessons with Keigo Fujii. Other interests: Tennis

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